What's Maxwell Render?

Maxwell Render is the innovative “unbiased” render engine, for the creation of professional photorealistic rapresentations. Created by Next Limit as an alternative way to the classic rendering engines, Maxwell Render uses physically correct parameters, in order to manage the sources of ligt without approximations such as the use of maps, radiosaty, and other techniques in common use. Thanks to the use of a single rendering parameter based on the real behavior of light, with Maxwell we can forget about setting¬† abstract parameters, such as light bounces and algorithm menagment. These features traslate into an extreme intuitivity and ease of use, with a perfect references to a real camera. The new features such as ‘multilight’, ‘constant re-rendering’, ‘real-time interactive preview’, ‘denoiser’, guarantee real-time image management, saving time in the image processing. Maxwell Render can be used standalone through Maxwell Studio, the sophisticated dedicated scene editor, or as a plug-in of 16 different cad platforms, including Rhinoceros (windows and mac), Archicad and SolidWorks.

Next Limit Certified Training Center by Un-Real 3D

All Maxwell Render Courses are carried out by teachers with over 10 years of active and direct experience in the field of professional design and in specialized training, even at university level. Un-real 3D was the first recognized Next Limit Training Center in Italy. At the end of each Maxwell Render courses, the Next Limit Official Certification will be issued.
X-pert Trainer: Arch. Federico Biffi Gentili is Maxwell X-pert Trainer recognized by Next Limit. The X-pert Trainers are able to offer highly qualified services in support of planning, assistance, consulting and training, both in Italy and abroad.



This course is aimed both at professionals and companies operating in the CG sector, and at simple anthusiasts who want to get in touch with the most advanced software on the market for the production of high impact photorealistic renderings.



Specialistic courses are designed according to the customer’s real needs, concerning specific sectors in the field of design. A professional training that aims to optimize the photorealistic image process.

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Unreal 3D offers CG services with a high professional content, both in reference to the computer graphics 3D specialists training, and for applications designed to guarantee technological services, such as solid parametric 3D modeling, surface modeling, organic modeling, advanced rendering, light simulation, 3D animation, texturing, UV mapping, post production.

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